Hydro-Jet Drain Cleaning

Our Plumbers Use No Chemicals or Abrasives to Clean Your Pipes

Quick & Effective Water-Jet Service in Miami

Over time, it is natural for debris and other substances to build up in your drains. Unfortunately, this accumulation can sometimes lead to clogs that cause significant damage. Although you can try to use store-bought chemicals to take care of the problem, these chemicals can often be ineffective and even dangerous. In fact, some of these chemicals even eat through your pipes causing weak spots, porous areas and eventually causing more clogs or a burst pipe.

At Lion Plumbing, Inc., we use water-jet drain cleaning or hydro-jet drain cleaning, which is the method of using highly pressurized water to clear out unwanted matter without the application of abrasives or chemicals.

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Benefits of Water-Jet Drain Cleaning

  • Safe and effective for drain cleaning
  • Uses no harsh chemicals
  • Keeps drains cleaner for longer
  • Breaks up and flushes out any deposits blocking your sewer line
  • Pressure washes the interior walls of the sewer line
  • Get accurate, consistent cleaning
  • No residuals – meaning total residual removal
  • Removes bacteria that has settled in the drains
  • Economic and environmentally-friendly solution for cleaning drains

Just one pipe cleaning using Hydro-Jet drain cleaner can significantly delay any clearing needs in the future by up to 4 timess longer than typical snaking.

You May Need Hydro Jetting Services If

There are several signs that indicate you might need draining cleaning services:

  • frequently clogged drains
  • bad smells coming from drains
  • strange or weird gurgling noises
  • overflowing toilets
  • slow draining
  • if it has been more than 12 months since you’ve had a plumbing inspection

Water-jet drain cleaning is very effective for removing:

  • Grease
  • Sludge
  • Debris

And it safely blasts through years of debris in your drains without any harsh chemicals. Hydro-jet drain cleaning clears out years of debris in a safe and effective way that helps prevent future clogs from forming and keeps your drains cleaner for longer. 

Bacteria Removal

Notice any odd smells coming from your kitchen or bathroom drains? It’s possible that bacteria has settled in your pipes causing foul smells among other problems. Hydro-jetting is so powerful that it can even remove bacteria from the drains.

Why Hire a Professional Plumber for Hydro-Jet Drain Cleaning?

Because of the high level of pressure that is used, our water-jet method is perfect for cleaning out the heavy grease that builds up in commercial sewer lines. This cleaning method should be left to an experienced plumber. Only trained, licensed plumbers should utilize high-pressure water jet cleaning because the water jets can reach up to 4000 psi.

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How Does Hydro-Jet Drain Cleaning Compare to Other Drain Cleaning Options

There are advantages and disadvantages with every available option for drain cleaning and unclogging. For example, while store brought drain cleaners can be a quick, convenient and cheap fix, these cleaners are bad for the environment, can cause damage to pipes and are not powerful enough to fix severe drain clogs.

Snaking has been a reliable option for years to rid drains of clogs. It is a gentler method to clean drains and a good option for weakened pipes that couldn’t withstand the pressure from a hydro jet. It is also a good option for homes with older plumbing systems.

A hydro jet or high-water pressure jet is a more sophisticated plumbing tool for clearing drains. It consists of a high-pressure hose, with specialized nozzles, that connects to a machine that pressurizes the water. The force of the water is what clears the clogs in the drain. he force of the water plus the action of the terminal end nozzle attachment cause hair, mineral build up, grease, oil and other debris clogging the drain to be forced down the pipe. It’s so powerful that even tree roots can be broken into small pieces.

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