Grease Traps & Storm/Septic Tank Cleaning

Septic Tank Cleaning

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Here at Lion Plumbing our expert technicians will locate your septic tank, dig up the lid, and pump its contents to the bottom every time. We will then inspect the tank for any structural problems. After th e septic tank is pumped and cleaned, we will ask you to flush your toilets so that we can be certain that the rest of the system is working properly. Our knowledgeable staff will make your septic tank troubles a thing of the past and keep your system trouble free with a maintenance program.If you live in South Florida and need septic tank cleaning, call Lion Plumbing. We are your local South Florida septic tank experts and staff is waiting to help you now.

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How a septic system works

After flushing a toilet the solids and liquids travel down a plumbing line into the septic tank. The septic tank is a vault, which traps solid waste and allows clear liquid to flow through to the drain field.

Inside the septic tank solids and liquids separate into 3 layers. The top layer is called the scum layer it consists of floatables including: fats, oils, grease, soaps, and phosphates. The middle layer is the liquid layer and the bottom layer is the sludge layer. The sludge layer consists of heavy particles of organic matter which breakdown through an anaerobic process. The clear water exits the tank through an outlet baffle and is dispersed into the drain field which absorbs the water.


Grease Traps Cleaning

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Here at Lion Plumbing we provide emergency service and regular maintenance. We provide grease trap services to restaurants, convention centers, schools, and other facilities. We are capable of solving any floor drain backup, sewer blockage, or grease trap overflow.

We can handle any job. Whether it’s just a single grease trap or multiple grease traps, we have the trucks and expertise complete any job.


Fast and Affordable Service

We provide the best grease trap service in south Florida. With a small fleet of vac trucks, we can respond to any emergency promptly. When you use us you get the most experienced, friendly, and knowledgeable staff in the grease industry. Our prices are fair and our service is superior.


Types of Grease Traps

Some grease traps sit under sinks and are as small as 25 gallons, other grease traps system are composed of multiple tanks in a series with more than 5,000 gallons.


Storm Drain Cleaning

Need a storm drain cleaning company?

Here at Lion Plumbing we have the equipment to clean every basin and jet clean every line. We commonly work for property management companies.

Let us give you a free estimate on cleaning parking lot drains, storm drains, and French drains.


Catch basins are concrete boxes or cylinders that trap solid waste and allow water to drain into the ground through a drain line. Parking lot flooding is caused by drains being excluded with solid waste. When the drains fill with sand and debris the storm water cannot enter the drainage portion of the system and permeate into the ground. Catch basins either dump into a perforated drainage line (plastic or stainless steel) or a soakage pit.


Soakage pits are large underground tanks with perforations in the sidewalls or bottoms that allow storm water to drain into the ground. Soakage pits range in size from 1,000 gallons to more than 20,000 gallons. The sidewalls and bottoms are pressure cleaned and the debris is vacuumed out so that the storm water inside the pit can permeate into the ground. The soakage pit acts as a sponge containing storm water during heavy periods of rain and drying out slowly after.

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