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If you are experiencing drainage issues in your home, it may be a sign that there is some type of blockage in your sewer system. This can be very difficult to diagnose without a thorough inspection, even if you have a suspicion of where the problem lies. You should trust this service to an experienced plumber from Lion Plumbing, Inc.

We can offer you a sanitary video inspection to establish the source of the blockage. This inspection is completed by using a video camera which is snaked through the sewer line.

Save money and eliminate the guesswork on your next sewer line repair by having a plumbing contractor inspect the inside of the pipe first!

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Sewer Video Inspections Help Identify Issues Such As:

  • Disjointed pipes
  • Leaking pipe joints
  • Debris blockage
  • Pipe deterioration
  • Tree roots in the line
  • Broken pipes
  • Punctured pipes
  • Cracked sewer lateral

Once we have determined where the problem is, we can offer our services to repair it.

How Does Sewer Camera Inspection Work?

With our sewer camera inspection, we can determine the precise location and cause of the leak which helps keep your repair costs low. Left unrepaired for too long, you can face more and costlier damage down the road.

Sewer cameras are a valuable tool for aiding plumbers in finding certain types of problems in your sewer pipes. Because sewer pipes are buried underground it’s not simple to find and diagnose a problem without the aid of a sewer camera.

To diagnose a sewer or drain problem, we rely on video camera inspections to see inside the pipe to make an accurate diagnosis. We have a small camera mounted on the end of a flexible rod that fits inside the drain or sewer. The camera travels through the pipe while transmitting video back to the technician in real-time.

With this technique, the technician can see what’s happpening and move the camera to show different sections of the pipe that may be damaged, leaking or clogged. The camera also records a digital copy of the session in case we need to revisit it later.

Benefits of Sewer Camera Inspection

A sewer inspection with a video camera allows our technician to adequately understand the scope of the damage prior to beginning work. What this means for you is faster, more efficient repair services.

  • Eliminates guesswork involved with diagnosing sewer and drain issues
  • Finding lost items such as rings in the drain
  • Spotting sewer and drain problems before they begin to create major problems
  • Saving you, the home or business owner, time and money on your repair
  • Ensuring the correct repair is chosen from the beginning

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Lion Plumbing is your trusted, local Miami plumbign company providing thorough sewer camera inspections which allows you to make an informed decision when it comes to repairs.

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